Do you think your health problems could be genetic? We offer DNA testing of key biochemical pathways with a simple saliva test.

When the genes necessary for repairing, maintaining and removing pollutants from the body are examined, we often find the underlying reason for unexplained symptoms. It is now possible to work around compromised genes by supplementing and eating for your specific mutation. For example, you may have normal vitamin D levels on a blood test. But your genetic test indicates inefficient vitamin D receptors. In order to compensate, you will need to take a larger dose of vitamin D to have normal function.

We can measure your ability to make and use enzymes that are critical components of your health. Some of the more significant enzymes include:

Glutathione- detoxifies the body and controls inflammation
SOD- neutralizes the superoxide free radical
BH4- supports the neurotransmitters and helps the body detox ammonia
Neurotransmitters- aids emotional health
Choline- enhances liver health
Folate- stimulates cell and neurotransmitter health
SAMe- supports mental sense of well being
B12- makes blood cells and supports a healthy nervous system

You will receive a comprehensive report focusing on the DNA that makes antioxidants (which neutralize harmful free radicals) and other important nutrients and enzymes like those listed above.

Dr. Middleton will discuss the results and make suggestions based on your specific genetic profile.