Dr. Jeffrey Middleton is president and founder of Lord's Chiropractic & Research, Inc.  He is a graduate of Life University, and attended Florida State University for his undergrad.  After receiving his doctorate, he completed three years of post-graduate training to become board certified in the Atlas Orthogonal technique. 

In practice since 1991, Dr. Middleton has earned an unparalleled reputation in South Florida.  His skill level and attention to detail are outstanding, but what sets him apart is his compassion and commitment to individualized care.  His philosophy is simple:  "Always try to identify the root cause of any health issue." 

In addition to his chiropractic practice, Dr. Middleton is a respected speaker at various integrative medicine conferences.  He is also dedicated to the research of spectroscopy and its effect on human biochemistry as it relates to cancer.  In 2002, he invented a tunable laser that effectively reduces tumor inflammation with no side effects.

Dr. Middleton lives in Fort Lauderdale with his wife and daughter. He enjoys learning about the latest medical advances, staying fit and studying the Bible.